10 points on how to choose your DJ

What should I be considering when choosing a DJ?

Your DJ will be one of few of your suppliers who is actually at your event. Whilst the decor is the most fun bit (for many of us!) the music, surrounds and food/drink will make or break your night.

So what is important when choosing a DJ? Every couple is different.  With you in mind, the DJ should be asking you the questions.

1. Make sure your DJ asks about your overall vision.

What do you wish to realise for both yourselves and for the experience of your guests over the space of the day? Think about the vibes and moods you want to create. You may be looking for lightly energised background music for canap├ęs and a more relaxed vibe for dinner. You may want some slow dances mixed in with the high energy dancing. 

2. Ask what is the DJ's process for preparing? Do they use a standard wedding playlist or tailor to suit your taste? Can they start with your playlist? Do they accept Spotify playlists?

We sometimes hear stories from our clients going to their friends' weddings where the DJ has started the beats prematurely, whilst people are still eating dessert.

3. Expect the DJ to know the impact of their song choice by ensuring they are separating out their playlists according to your event schedule.

Do they offer edits and collaborate with you to get to where you want to match evening's different sections' changing mood? A good DJ will undertake a significant amount of preparation of 

playlists to select music for each event. They will understand where you want to take your guests on the night because they ask you. So feel free to preempt this before you confirm.

4. A good DJ will have a creative skill set that extends into artistic areas of playing music. This speaks toward a sensitivity to considering how to work a crowd.

5. They will also organise everything technical directly with your venue. One less thing to think about. 

6. Consider choosing the DJ who matches your expectations around attitude to your taste versus their own. Make sure they have the music you want or are prepared to source it if they don't have it.

7. Ask, do they have a back-up DJ in case of illness or other unforeseen circumstances? Nothing worse than waiting for the music to come on when you are standing at the aisle, and the DJ is stuck with a flat tyre on the side of the road!

8. Other considerations might be: Are they covered for public liability? Do they have the professional licences to play music publicly?

9. Identify what is most important to you - is it the look or styling of your event or the experience your guests have of the day overall? Consider your DJ budget accordingly. 

10. Make sure you like them! They will be playing for you... 

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